About The Wendell Castle Collection

The Wendell Castle Collection is a curated selection of contemporary furniture that celebrates the life and spirit of the art furniture pioneer. Before passing away in 2018, Castle personally approved each piece in the collection to ensure that it met his lofty standards of design and quality.

Born in Kansas, Wendell Castle established his studio in Rochester, New York. Throughout his life, Castle was a major proponent of American craftsmanship. That is why every item in the Wendell Castle Collection is made entirely in the United States by skilled artisans.

Informed by organic shapes and created with distinctive techniques, the furniture in this collection has a sculptural quality that blurs the lines between art and furniture.  

Despite the elevated aesthetics, these pieces are not meant to be simply admired. They are designed to be lived with and to easily integrate into any home. 

The Wendell Castle Collection’s designs are both bold and timeless. In keeping with Wendell’s ideals, they make a statement without taking over the conversation. These are pieces that will be enjoyed for years and generations to come.

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